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   Picture Manufacturer Scale Cat.# Description Color * Available  
  Victoria 1:43 R001 Jeep Willys Closed D-Day 1944  
  Victoria 1:43 R002 Jeep Willys Open Liberation De Paris 1944  
  Victoria 1:43 R003 Jeep Willys Open Military Police 1945  
  Victoria 1:43 R004 Hummer Canvas Covered Pick-Up United Nations  
  Victoria 1:43 R005 Hummer Open Pick-Up US Army Desert Storm  
  Victoria 1:43 R006 Hummer Cargo Troop Carrier US Army  
  Victoria 1:43 R007 Hummer Closed Command Car US Army With Camouflage  
  Victoria 1:43 R008 Volkswagen Kubelwagen Open Afrika Korps  
  Victoria 1:43 R009 Volkswagen Kubelwagen Open Wehrmacht 1942  
  Victoria 1:43 R010 Volkswagen Kubelwagen Closed Wehrmacht 1944  
  Victoria 1:43 R011 Mercedes 170V Afrika Korps With Camouflage  
  Victoria 1:43 R012 Mercedes 170V Open Parade Car  
  Victoria 1:43 R013 Volkswagen Typ 82E Wehrmacht  
  Victoria 1:43 R014 Volkswagen Afgan Beatle  
  Victoria 1:43 R015 Volkswagen Typ 92 Wehrmacht With Charcoal Burner  
  Victoria 1:43 R016 Volkswagen Typ 92 Black With Charcoal Burner  
  Victoria 1:43 R017 Jeep Willys Armoured Car General Leclerc Indochine  
  Victoria 1:43 R018 Hummer Command Car US Army Desert Storm  
  Victoria 1:43 R019 Opel Blitz Troop Carrier Wehrmacht  
  Victoria 1:43 R020 Opel Blitz Africa Corps  
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(*) NOTE: color indicates the color of the actual model
and may be different from the model on the picture.