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Rodney Smith and Leslie Smith, former school mates, returned from WW II to their post-war occupations. Rodney Smith purchased a diecasting machine from his employer, Diecasting Machine Tools Ltd. (DCMT) Leslie Smith returned to J. Raymond Wilson Co. as buyer of carpets and textiles. The Smiths formed Lesney Products and rented a condemned public house, The Rifleman, from which to run their newfound castings business. Lesney\\\'s first order was for 20,000 string-cutters. Rodney Smith introduced Leslie Smith to Jack Odell, a former associate at DCMT. Odell, who also owned army- surplus casting machinery, was unable to fulfill his orders so he rented space at The Rifleman from Lesney. First casting, for a hook ceiling plate, sold to General Electric Company. Smiths ask Odell to join Lesney as full partner with responsibilities delineated as follows: Leslie Smith (who continued to work part-time at Wilsons) would handle sales and bookkeeping, Rodney Smith would handle diecasting and Odell would handle molds. Sidney Marks of M.Y. Dart placed an order with Lesney for the manufacturing of a die-cast component for a toy cap gun.
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