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Welcome to Fleer Collectibles. It has now been almost two years since Fleer Trading Cards acquired White Rose Collectibles, a leading company founded in 1989 that manufactures professional team and collegiate sports licensed die-cast vehicles. As a subsidiary of Fleer Trading Cards, Fleer Collectibles now offers a diverse selection of sports licensed die-cast vehicles, licensed through NFL Properties, NFLPA (the NFL Player’s Association), MLB Properties, MLBPA (the MLB Player’s Association), NBA Entertainment, NHL Enterprises and CLC (NCAA). While the signature product from White Rose Collectibles had always been the Kenworth Tractor Trailer, Fleer Collectibles’ current product line features those team and player specific items as well as a wide variety of other die-cast items such as P-47 Airplanes, Bell Jet Ranger Helicopters, NHL Mini-Zambonis, Caddilac Escalades, Monster Trucks, BMW X5’s and more. “Fleer Collectibles offers sports fans and collectors alike the perfect combination of a high quality sports team oriented item, that at the same time is also unique and very collectible,” said Lloyd Pawlak, Sr. Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Fleer. “Our goal is to provide consumers with some of the most innovative and collectible sports licensed die-cast vehicles ever produced.” We are constantly expanding our product line in search of new vehicle ideas, based on different eras of the 20th century, including current and popular vehicles in U.S. society. We are also consistently exploring new ideas, capitalizing on the hottest trends in the sporting world and pursuing the latest technologies. Die-cast collectibles have been around for years, but Fleer Collectibles offers consumers highly collectible, serially numbered products, which are manufactured in limited production runs. Consumers can find unique items for every team in the NFL, MLB, NHL as well as select NBA teams and U.S. colleges and universities. Fleer Collectibles also has the ability to custom produce any die-cast item featured on this site to fit your needs. We are able utilize your company logo within each piece. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience on Sportsline.com and you have any specific questions, please contact the Fleer Collectibles Online store at (888) 923-2227.
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