View diecast models made by Vitesse

From its conception in 1982 and its base in Portugal, the Vitesse brand offered the collector the detail and authenticity of the specialist resin model for the price of a mass produced die-cast car. Driven by a passion for cars, guided by the highest quality standards, this innovative company created an extraordinarily diversified range of high-quality collectibles, from Classic cars to Modern cars, competition cars from vintage to modern Formula 1, classic to modern Rally, Le Mans across the eras, motorcycles, taxis, all minutely detailed to meet the most demanding requirements of the collector. Twenty years on, we at Sun Star have the opportunity to take up the challenge of reviving this highly respected and much sought-after brand. Respecting its heritage and deeply aware of the onus upon us to remain faithful to its high standards for authenticity and accuracy, we are committed to offering you, the collector, exciting and unique products worthy of the name Vitesse. Every model represented in the new Vitesse collection is carefully made to exacting standards, and particular attention is given to the accuracy and fine detailing throughout. These superb 1:43 scale replicas are all hand finished and presented to you in handsome display cases. All Limited Editions include a numbered limited edition certificate and the total production quantity is stamped on the display base.
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