Staying up-to-date with model release dates has never been easier

Jun 11, 2012

Waiting for an item's release can be a chore, especially when release date keeps on getting pushed back.

Over the past few years diecast manufacturers have started a trend of releasing future production lists in the beginning of the year (usually around Nuremberg toy fair time). Usually, majority of models get released within the same year, but it's not usual to see some items getting released a few years later or never coming to production.

In the past, you could spend several hours a month checking catalogs, manufacturers' websites, or stores to see if the status of a particular item has changed. Not only this was a time consuming and tedious job, you also had to make sure of not to forgetting anything before it was too late and your long awaited item got sold out.

mDiecast's website can not only be used to keep track of your collection, but you can also keep track of models in your wish list. You get an email notification when availability status of the item in your wish list changes.

Adding items to your wish list only takes one click - 

Diecast Wish List

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